No need to donate. You can fuel my coke addiction if you wish.

I host the server for fun and I do not tend to gain profit out of this.

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1builder1tool (1b1t.me)
1builder1tool is a minecraft server that promises its players vanilla survival gameplay with PvP, a neverending world and no rules. The IP is 1b1t.me. It has been on the same world since october 2018. The world is 471 GB with 18,394 players saved. (Last updated 21st august 2021).
News - 30th july 2021
The server has been transferred to a new hosting provider in United Kingdom
News - 17th april 2021
The domain has been changed to 1b1t.me to be more professional and gain more players. The main thing limiting the server is the free domain, simply no one trusts a TK domain anymore. Please change your domain in the server list to 1b1t.me because I don't know how long 1b1t.tk will last.
Server listings
Here are the various server lists and places the server has been put up on, to help you bring players in. If you have a suggestion, check the contact tab.
As an incentive you will be given some perks for voting.
These perks include:
/tpa commands
/home commands
/namecolor commands
Ignore slot limit during bot attacks.
The BEST way to get players is by word of mouth. Tell your friends about the server.
We have a subreddit that can be used for anything. Join here: r/1b1tTK
Discord is a free voice chatting program which is very easy to use and has very good voice quality. The invite is 2cVrTN5 The server is set up with a channel which allows talking in discord and the minecraft server at the same time, aswell as a general chat, and the server can be used for anything. Download Discord here.
Website last updated 21st august 2021.
Donation rewards
There are currently four things possible to buy:
Please note you must use bitcoin. I do not accept paypal for anonymization.
MONERO ADDRESS: 49aXC8ZatrK4MrQXeSpUGsYk5HKLpeuhTZKMW8MtXuXxhNob8rQQBrkRj471Zv4ZNoCu6teYwsMy42HznLp6grCt1AUDCrW

A permanent server browser message which is cycled together with many others. You can see it demonstrated by adding the server to your server list and pressing refresh a few times.
This costs $3, and will stay forever. The only rule is no ads and links, other than that your message can contain anything.

Another thing that is possible to buy is a temporary server browser message for $5. The server browser message will OVERRIDE the cycled ones, and always stay visible during their duration.

It is also possible to buy a custom in-game MOTD that will appear for everyone when they join in chat.
The messages in-game will be displayed upon logon in shiny yellow at the top of the chat. The only rule for the motd is that it can't be longer than 5 chat lines. If you break this rule, I will tell you by replying to your mail.
For $5, a message will be displayed for 24 hours, for $10 it will be 48 hours and so on, unless requested to be split up.

The last thing possible to buy is a custom 64x64 .png image that is displayed in the server browser. You can see it the same way you see the rotating server browser messages. This custom image costs $5 per 24 hours, and the rules for it are no gore/porn/cp.

To buy any of these, donate the amount required for what you want to buy by sending the money to the bitcoin address (linked above) and after donating send a message to one of the contacts on the contact page containing your bitcoin transaction id used for donating, and your messages and/or picture.

You can use this format to make it easier:
Bitcoin transaction ID:
Server browser message(s):
Message of the day:

When buying $5 overriding messages, it is possible to have several rotated server browser messages as well, just request so when sending the mail.
I suggest that when purchasing any of these things that you limit yourself to not more than 5 days, this is so that everyone can have a chance at their messages and pictures displayed! If you have any ideas for donation rewards please suggest them by contacting one of the contacts with your suggestion.
Server costs
If you somehow find a better alternative, do not hesitate to tell me. Although I think I've managed to find the cheapest way of hosting this, and still have great hardware and network.

The minecraft server computer costs €0 a month. The hardware is a 4 core arm cpu at 3GHZ, 24 gb ram (12gb allocated to 1b1t), 200gb storage. Additionally, we have great network. The bandwidth is 10tb at 1 gigabit up and down. The server is hosted in Western Europe (United Kingdom).
The server is maintained by moo. I host and run the servers for enjoyment, with no intent of getting profits out of it.
Feel free to contact me directly for any questions or reasons! All suggestions are appreciated!
discord: moo#0529

email: support@1b1t.tk
Fan stuff
Want something listed here? Contact me in one of the ways listed above!

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